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Monday, 8 August 2011

Lilac and White

This weekend i took on of this unfinished blanket that was originally meant for Lauren, but since she persuaded me to give her the summer throw, i decided to have this one for me......

It never seemed to sit properly with the little squares around the edge, so i took them off & put them aside for later. have maybe sixty squares,  that i will edge the finished blanket in, carefully this time though! Here s how it looks now..............

I've been adding rounds all weekend, tried one round of lilac with white bobbles but that Had to go it just looked real bad :S. So around & around i'll go until i have a blankie big enough for our bed, will go down well in winter, cosy soft & warm :)
This one suits my bedroom sooooo well as i like soft colors while i sleep & snooze. Its mainly done in these colors, here have a peek

Now that dressing table def needs a lick of paint & the wardrobes that i ain't gonna show are grossly orangey wood, will be white very soon. i should do a before & after of them :D. Oh boy the windowsill needs painting too as does the skirting boards, should really get stuck in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little ornaments on the dresser are all from the girls, various mothers day gifts, & oh do i love gifts!

It does suit the bed though, doesn't it!! But i have to say crocheting with only two soft colors can be a wee bit boring......................... so this will most likely be done in between more interesting projects.

Got some lovely shots in my garden this weekend, we had some rain after quite a dry july soooo my flowers & plants just soaked it lovingly up, slurp, slurp  mmmmm...... Aahhhhhh!

Got to pick my first ever cherry tomatoes, which i have to say gave me such a thrill, also have been enjoying fresh peas for a few weeks now :)

This growing your own veggies is not as easy as i thought, but am learning & have a much better idea of what to do next year. I guess it is all about giving it a go & seeing what works & what doesn't :)
I tell you what though cooking with your owwn home grown produce feels sooooooooooo good!
It really is exciting & satisfying !!!!!!!!!!

Well on with the day, weathers pretty nice outside so i'm sure to sit out with a coffee soon as well as one or five choc bikkies :p  heee heee!
Hope you all have a sweet day too, if you drop by do leave a comment, i love reading them & oh i need some advice, i do not know how to reply to comments, any tec advice would be great !!

Slan for now
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

As lilac is my favourite colour, i am loving your latest project! Your daughters sure have good taste when it comes to gifts! Lucky you! Mandy :)

Pammy Sue said...

Your blanket is really pretty and will look fantastic on your bed. I just love lavender.

Here's a hint...block your squares before you sew or crochet them onto your blanket. They will be nice and straight. Just pin them out slightly stretching them, spray them lightly with water or fabric freshener and let them dry. They will look so much better when you get them on your blanket. It's worth your time.

Barbara said...

It's really a lovely blanket!!

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a gorgeous bedroom, lilac is my favourite colour too.
I love the yellow gladioli, it reminds me of a lemon ice lolly!
I was looking forward to eating fresh peas from the garden too but I sowed them a couple of times and they didn't grow (a drop of water may have helped!).
Do you mean you want to reply to someone's comment straight to them? That is not on their blog or your blog? If they're not set to 'no reply' you can just reply to the email you get through. (unless of course you're set to not get emails)

Hazel said...

Oooh it looks lovely as does your very neat and tidy bedroom! I will never know how people keeps their rooms so neat. Mine is always a tip - even when I tidy it. It's very sad that isn't it? I must make more of an effort. x

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

You should totally do a before and after of your wardrobes. Transformations are so much work they should always be properly chronicled for oohing and aahing later ;-)

Love the Lilac and White motif. It does sit so much better now. Lovely colors in your bedroom! Very dreamy =)

Annaboo said...

Such pretty colours- and your bedroom is very gorgeous, too! Love all those trinkets on your dressing table.

Tillyflops said...

Your bedroom looks so crisp and clean, the blanket goes perfectly.We have also just picked our 1st cherry tomatos, and beans, dont they just taste so much better.

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

The blanket is perfect for your bedroom! I had to laugh when you noticed everything that needs painting in your room. Why is it that photos show us things that we normally overlook? My house looks so nice after being photoshopped :)

**Anne** said...

You have a beautiful blanket in the making and it's going to look perfect on your bed when you've finished.
Painting huh?! There's always lots of it to be done around here. Have fun with that. :)
Home grown veges are the best especially tomatoes. Enjoy!!
Anne xx

Leah said...

Another gorgeous blanket - you are totally amazing!!! Lovely peaceful colours. I hope you went for the 5 biscuit option too!!!! Have a fab week.

Sandi said...

It is three mins to seven at night, I have just got home from work, made a cup of coffee and sitting here reading your blog, with coffee and chocolate, tea has to wait, I needed my fix first!! Love the blanket, pretty colors.
x Sandi

Lynne said...

What a lovely blanket and it looks so pretty on your bed. Well done!

The Garden Bell said...

Totally, Adore-a-bly cool. Love the freshness and mellowness of these two colors. What about taking the squares and making a quick pillow. Did you just make this up or is there a pattern I missed.

4 Lil' Girls said...

Just made it up as i went, glad you like it :D
Karen x

famfa said...

Gorgeous blanket. It is so neat. Mine is wonky, could that be because I am using different wool each time?