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Sunday, 31 July 2011

HEY!!!!! another Ta DAAAAAA :D

I don't believe i did it so soon, maybe its down to the fact i made it a lot smaller than i had intended but "hey" its a summer throw so i kinda thought 'better finish it now, before summers up'!!!!!!
Oh the joy of putting the border on this one....... I love it soooo much, all that sweet color bordered in subtle cream mmmmm!
I decide on a scallop border, nice & simple... truth is i'm not really in the know when it comes to borders :(

But i am happy & Laurens happy too, she persuaded me to hand this one over to her for her new apartment

How could i refuse my eldest..................... the granny is still here as my friends are away in beautiful France at the moment, sooo glad i got to snap them together, blankies look so beautiful together, all that lovely color, makes me smile :D a lot!!!

Have started on my christmas pressies hooking, which generally means lots of scarves, I love scarves, cozy, warm, snuggley, christmassy. Its really not that far away....... :D really it isn't!!!!!
Anyway have a peek............................

What i really enjoy about scarves is I get to use real wool, i can stretch to luxury yarn for small projects, i really, really would love a blanket done in a beautiful soft merino wool yummiest ever. Might buy two balls a month and build a stash that way!!

This yarn is rowan pure wool 4 ply, gorgeous to work with. I used a smaller size 3 needle & the stitch was taken from Crocet Adorned, real nice book, full of lovely ideas for beginner hooky lovers like me :D.
I'm on a second one, this time in a chunky cream wool................

Love how the thicker wool changes the look of the stitch & more importantly is soooo much quicker to hook up. I'm not a patient crafter but crochet has def taught me nice things take time.

We did get to the beach this week, it was so nice, also took a trip to a river spot i used to swim in wow over thirty years ago, here's a few snaps...

And the beach...............................................................................

Have so many fab shots of both these days, will post them over the next few days.
Its been a lovely week, i feel so relaxed & refreshed & happy to be here blogging, sharing parts of my life with the friends i've been privilidged to meet already.
Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow
God Bless, Lots of love Karen  XXXX

ps This post hasn't been publishing or updating to others, just checking to see if i solved the problem :(

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Didn't Realise

Honestly, today when i decided bethany's soft toys could do with a wash, i didn't realise just how strange & funny they would look until Sophie came down the stairs after taking this photo from the landing window.....

then later when i put some more out she told me it looked like a torture rope for toys..............

It does look funny doesn't it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Save us please, we can't take any more"........ :(  ...... "not until you tell me who you work for".... weirdo!!!

Anyway enough of that strangeness I got some more BEAUTIFUL fabrics in the post yesterday, perfect to finish my quilt.............

A few borders round the edge perhaps.......not sure yet but they do look sweet don't they, i'm in love anyway, I really do have a thing for fabrics yummmmmmmmmmmm
Here's a few more beauties..................

OHHHHH can't wait to get stuck into these, a bag or two perhaps, maybe some pillow cases or a nice apron endless possibilities xxxxxxx, am sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!! I really do love to create, guess thats why blogging is so enjoyable, all the lovely stuff out there, i really do have to restrain myself from spending hours browsing through all the fab blogs, its too much, all that talent.............I love it :D

On another note i wanted to show off another of my daughters talents, this is a beautiful drawing Sophie did in chalk pastels....

I'm gobsmacked as she's never drawn with them before, her first attempt!
Now i know she'll kill me for posting this but hey!!!! we love showing off our kids achievements don't we?
I guess i'm just real proud of the four of them :D

Looking forward to the laziest weekend i've had in ages, may take a trip to the beach tomorrow if by some miracle the weather is good, fingers crossed eh!
Hope you all have a great one & hope to hear from you
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tah-Dahhhhhhhhh One go!!!

Oh boy was i determined to finish this last night I donned pj's, woolley socks, choc, blankie, hook & a good movie..............& by george I did it.............yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

60 rounds & i was done, its huge, can't imagine how big it would be after 80 or my goodness 100 rounds. For those taking part in the challenge 'YOU GO' keep hookin out those rounds :D.

I decided on a very simple border, one round of single crochet followed by a row of picot in cream, all stitched on the outer side of the stitch to prevent curling edges,(just a little hint i picked up at Lucy's blog Attic 24 )

This blanket is going to some friends as a housewarming gift, hope they'll like it & get years of coziness from it.............................

All i need to do now is find something pretty to wrap it in. Ohhh i love giving gifts, don't you, its the look on a face, the surprise, the smile, the love mmmmmmmmmmmmm can't wait!
More creativeness went on this week as the weather wasn't great & i was just in the mood for making, like Rachel was saying in her post today, making makes her happy, it def works for me, how bout you?
What brightens your day, what lifts your head, what cheers your heart?????????????

This is a wee project i'm also at, its small & easy to pick up or leave down, kind of restful...........

There's a bit of stitching to do on this yet but hey it makes my day :D
Then of course there's the smock I made for Ella....................Look At Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Such a poser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she def loves the camera........... got that from her dad.............. i'm very camera shy......... yuk, in fact i hate posing for photos.

Ok so now my house is about to be invaded by teens from our church youth group, yeahhhhhhhhhhh I don't know weather to laugh or cry, maybe i'll just take refuge in my bedroom...............yes thats what i'll do!!!

Oh, oh, oh before i go have a look at this...........................

I grew some carrots, my first i have green fingers or WHAT!!!! Tee hee.

So i'm off to hide now......... you all have a great evening & dooooooooooooo leave a comment
Lots of love & millions of kissesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Karen

Monday, 18 July 2011

Loadsa Dessert Yummmmmmm!!!

Oh boy, today had to start with a major fat & calorie count , Yukky diet..............
My family & I, well mainly me had a major pig-out on dessert, Friday, Saturday & Sunday!!!!!!!!!!
Friday for afters we had...... Pavlova mmmmmm

Lots of strawberries, raspberries & freshly whipped cream
Saturday i craved some coffee cake......................

Topped with praline, too much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then Sunday was a chocolate day, loadsa brownies, nutty brownies, chocolatey brownies oh dear!!!

So today i'm back on the rice cakes ................. t'rriffic. Although we have got an invitation to dinner at a friends home tonight, how can i refuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So diet begins tomorrow............. I think..................... oh no, wait hubby's taking me out to our favourite restaurant tomorrow night :)  Wednesday it is then, & thats final.

I've had a really lovely time blogging since i started, i have to say the comments i receive are just soooo lovely, the chance to see so much creativity is 'the best', & then being given lovly awards is really encouraging.
This week i've been given "The versatile blogger" award for the second time from Dinki Dots, which is def one of my all time fav blogs, so much wonderful, creative, colorful happenings over there, do have a look!

Then this morning i received the liebster blog award from Marinke at A Creative Being. Thank you soooooo much, I love your beautiful blog & your hairstyle rocks, its just so creative!!!!

I really want to pass these awards on to a few blogs i've discovered recently & was blown away by the talent of these ladies
The liebster award i'd like to pass on to

And the Versatile blogger to

I know I have to post stuff about me, def in the next post, i'm just trying to think of interesting things to put up!

Have been crocheting all weekend & the granny square is getting pretty big now, I don't want to keep posting on the same ol blankie so i thought a pic of my WIP's would make a nice change.......

They are growing & getting to the finish line, in fact i'm looking forward to getting the first finished later this week. Also wanted to show you this scarf, Leah from Why didnt anyone tell me  posted a gorgeous one last week & i said i would show mine simply because my kids reckon it looks like seaweed

What do you think, its a queen anne pattern made with Noro wool, which by the way i got for Euro1.50 in a flood damage sale although this wool def wasn't damaged. Don't you just love a bargain. Here's a better image

I love this wool so warm & cozy, perfect for the upcoming autumn, wow is it that time already!!!
This year is flying, must try to slow it down a wee bit :)
Also made a new smock for Ella, which i will post tomorrow, gotta run, dinner awaits, I'M STARVING,
wow what a glutton :)
Have a sweet evening & do leave a comment
Lots of Love Karen xxxxxxx

Made a big blunder on this post, the scarf was on Leah's blog & not on Anne's. My apologies to you both, I'm such a ditsh sometimes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

45 rounds with grandma & still standing

I tell you what, this is the most heavenly crochet project ever, no thinking ahead, no stressing over colors, no worries on tension, just hookidy hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

45 rounds down, not sure how many to go, don't care either, we're enjoying this sparring together, cause she's not a rough, tough ol girl she's sweet & easy to please.......................

I went ahead & added the green, & you know what, ever since color has not been an issue, everything seems to blend :)  "I think", say yes even if you don't mean it :)

Its even wide enough for the back of my two seater now.
 I do however have a destination in mind for this sweetie........................ when its finished.

This week much to my delight I received a blog award from Tillyflops Creations. I love her blog, so much crafty loveliness goes on over there, do go check her out, she's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Thanks so much Tillyflops xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I know i have to pass this on , theres soooooooooooooo many blogs i really love, so i kinda picked the first seven i wrote down when browsing through my dashboard. The blogs i picked are amazing talented women, its such priveledge to have a chance to see the talent out there. I guess these awards are by way of thanking each other for inspiration & fun & laughs & sometimes even low times shared............. Its lovely becoming a part of it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Anyhoo enough waffle, i do get carried away sometimes, just one of my many, many quirky, habitual habits.

Seven blogs i really love are.......... geeeez i sound like i'm on the Eurovision!!!!!  What an eejit!!! :)
Margie's Crafts
Cupcake Castles
Sew Scrumptious
Making it Vintage
My Nest of Yarn & Buttons
Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me
Ungardened Moments

Love, love, love these blogs, do go check them out.............................
Will have to leave the seven gorie details about me till the next post, am completely knackered, just finished three days VBS at our church with help from a team from O M, They're a smashing group of people, such a blessing to the kids at the VBS xxxxxx

Great looking bunch eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soooooooo you have a good, peaceful, relaxing evening
Lots of Love always Karen X

Friday, 8 July 2011

Dutch Quilts & Country Homes

At last i got the finger out and started a quilt with my dutch fabrics, I was gonna wait until i had some more red prints, but if I did I know me, it would sit in one of my "far too many" fabric baskets gathering dust for far too many months

Sooooooooo this is what i've put together so far................................................

I had some scraps in reds & used them in little hearts here & there on the quilt, i think it works well & brings a little injection of country into the pattern!!!!

I'm thinking tiny blanket stitch around the hearts in embroidery thread & i will most definitely use the gingham ribbon in the border. I know it kinda sounds OTT but lets give it a try & see eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not altogether sure what to do with the quilt yet, the colors don't go with any in my home so i think it will be kept as a gift for someone in the future.... i might just redo a bedroom to match it though as i've sooo fallen in love with the fabrics :)
Today was my treat day, every month i buy Country Homes & Interiors.........................

I've bought this magazine every month for the last six years, & find it hard to part with any of them, so thats quite a stack, but really this mag has the most beautiful photos, recipes & ideas, here's just a few.......

Look at that divine curtain, i def want................... sinful covetousness.................I still want though ;)


Pretty summeryness ( is that a word.....................tis now :)
It really is a lovely browse, a definite favourite.
Looking forward to a lazy evening reading it...............
Also i just wanted to thank you for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog, now i know there's lots of sweetness out there, Lord bless you :)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, full of happiness & peace
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I Luv me Granny

Well we've had a return to rain here today, but somehow i wasn't too freaked about it, i got a chance to catch up on some wip's, otherwise i promise they would Not get done, i just love that sun waaaaaay too much & spend many lazy times basking in my garden leaving house, meals, projects............................ very much UNDONE!!
So today instead of getting depressed & sulky i did some work on my granny blankie......

This reminds me of hooking up the granny stripe blankets, easy, relaxing, no hassle crocheting bliss

Thirty rounds so far & loving every one. I'm thinking lime green next just for a shock contrast to all the subtle blues & pinks, What d'you think????? Do have a peek at the Flickr group in my sidebar, there's some sweet grannies there just waiting to be admired :)

My eldest called today "Mom fancy coming for a coffee with me?", YES, but we went for some eats as well.......had a lovely asparagus bruscetta yummmmm, & a coffee of course, then proceeded to go shopping, "window only" of course, but then i spotted these & could not resist ;)

I mean how cute are they, three of them for five euro, bargain loveliness................

They are now in residence on my kitchen dresser, i'm a happy mommy today!!!!

Ella's a happy lil girl today also, she finally got her dress i had promised three weeks ago when i made the others for the "dresses for girls" project, i think she makes the dress look so cute.

These little dresses take literally 40 minutes from start to finish, i should be making one a day as a past time,
Ella loves hers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I love to see her smiling, & new dresses made by mom's hands make this child smile!!!

To finish the day in sweet style we made come cupcakes Mmmmmmm

Just light vanilla fairy cakes filled with yummy raspberry jam & whipped cream ...... there goes my diet "again"
I hate dieting anyway, know what i mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I think there's three left so i'm off to get me some coffee & cream cakes
Have yourself a good evening & please leave a comment, i love reading them
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxxxxxx