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Monday, 18 July 2011

Loadsa Dessert Yummmmmmm!!!

Oh boy, today had to start with a major fat & calorie count , Yukky diet..............
My family & I, well mainly me had a major pig-out on dessert, Friday, Saturday & Sunday!!!!!!!!!!
Friday for afters we had...... Pavlova mmmmmm

Lots of strawberries, raspberries & freshly whipped cream
Saturday i craved some coffee cake......................

Topped with praline, too much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then Sunday was a chocolate day, loadsa brownies, nutty brownies, chocolatey brownies oh dear!!!

So today i'm back on the rice cakes ................. t'rriffic. Although we have got an invitation to dinner at a friends home tonight, how can i refuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So diet begins tomorrow............. I think..................... oh no, wait hubby's taking me out to our favourite restaurant tomorrow night :)  Wednesday it is then, & thats final.

I've had a really lovely time blogging since i started, i have to say the comments i receive are just soooo lovely, the chance to see so much creativity is 'the best', & then being given lovly awards is really encouraging.
This week i've been given "The versatile blogger" award for the second time from Dinki Dots, which is def one of my all time fav blogs, so much wonderful, creative, colorful happenings over there, do have a look!

Then this morning i received the liebster blog award from Marinke at A Creative Being. Thank you soooooo much, I love your beautiful blog & your hairstyle rocks, its just so creative!!!!

I really want to pass these awards on to a few blogs i've discovered recently & was blown away by the talent of these ladies
The liebster award i'd like to pass on to

And the Versatile blogger to

I know I have to post stuff about me, def in the next post, i'm just trying to think of interesting things to put up!

Have been crocheting all weekend & the granny square is getting pretty big now, I don't want to keep posting on the same ol blankie so i thought a pic of my WIP's would make a nice change.......

They are growing & getting to the finish line, in fact i'm looking forward to getting the first finished later this week. Also wanted to show you this scarf, Leah from Why didnt anyone tell me  posted a gorgeous one last week & i said i would show mine simply because my kids reckon it looks like seaweed

What do you think, its a queen anne pattern made with Noro wool, which by the way i got for Euro1.50 in a flood damage sale although this wool def wasn't damaged. Don't you just love a bargain. Here's a better image

I love this wool so warm & cozy, perfect for the upcoming autumn, wow is it that time already!!!
This year is flying, must try to slow it down a wee bit :)
Also made a new smock for Ella, which i will post tomorrow, gotta run, dinner awaits, I'M STARVING,
wow what a glutton :)
Have a sweet evening & do leave a comment
Lots of Love Karen xxxxxxx

Made a big blunder on this post, the scarf was on Leah's blog & not on Anne's. My apologies to you both, I'm such a ditsh sometimes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Annaboo said...

Oh my gosh!
Pavlova is my absolute favourite dessert of all time and yours looks absolutely amazing. I am drooling saliva all over the iPad as I write..
Lovely scarf too!

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

That food looks awful..................who am I kidding!? It's just too much I cant look anymore, how could you post such gorgeous tempting food? Looks amazing!! xxxx :)

Anonymous said...

Those deserts are so yummy!
Your crochet work in progress is just wow!
Thank you for another colourful and uplifting post!
Mandy :)

winkieflash said...

I just want to dive right into that pile of WIP'py blankets... Lovely! <3
Also, thanks so much for the wonderful words about me & my blog! :) :)

notes of sincerity said...

Oh my goodness. Those baked goods look heavenly! :o)
I just adore your lovely crochet! :o) I can't wait to pick my hook back up again. :o) I am still very much new at it, but so fun. :o) (can you tell me where you found your adorable dish?)
Sincerely, Trish

Annelies said...

Is it possible to just mail me a slice of each (G)!!!! XXX

sandiart said...

Mmmmm. yummo, lovely food and lovely crochet. We girls do love the Stylecraft. I love how they all look different because of the color combo's. Mine is very bright and colorful as I haven't used any white or cream in it.
I will be posting your yarn swap next week, I have been very busy and will continue to be for the next three, but want to get it done on the weekend....exciting, hope you like it!!
x Sandi

**Anne** said...

Ooooo, yummy food, especially that pavlova. I love pavlova which has me longingly thinking of summer weather (it's rather cold here).
Your granny is looking superb, those delicious colours.
Congrats on your awards. You very kindly passed on an award to me last week and I'm really touched. I find it really awkward (embarassing) accepting awards which is why I haven't made mention of it on my blog. But I am very appreciative that you thought of me.
Have a wonderful day,
Anne xx

Jill said...

Well deserved awards! Congratulations! Maybe you could do 'puddings by post'?? :)Great to see your pile of WIPs... maybe mine would get more of my attention if I took them out of their respective bags and made an enticing pile...:)x

serendipity said...

Thank you so much for the awards. I'll have a think about who to pass them on to. Your food looks yummy. xx

fernandflora said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Such a cute place you have over here!

And what a heavenly weekend of desserts! Mine included Saigon donuts with cream cheese, ice cream with berries and just last night, a crumble cheesecake. Eeek! Rice cakes here I come!


Dinki Dots said...

Thanks for the lovely comments about my blog! How nice! :o)

I feel like I don't really deserve them lately, as my crafting has been lacking recently - must pull my finger out!!! :o)

Love the look of those cakes - yum!

Maria x

notes of sincerity said...

ps. Thank you so much for the sweet award! :o) You are too kind. :o)

I thought you may like to know that your blog is set at "noreply-comment" which means I am unable to reply to very sweet comments you send to me. :o)

Victoria said...

Coffee cake is my absolute favourite, although I wouldn't say no to pavlova or brownies.
Your wips are gorgeous - I especially like the ice-cream colours of the blanket on the top of the pile.

debbie said...

The granny keeps getting cuter AND those desserts look scrumptious!

Grateful4Crochet said...

Hi. I love your blankets, they look lovely!!
Also thanks so much for the award, that was lovely of you

Little Blue Mouse said...

Oh my, I would have to have a piece of all of them! They look so scrummy.

A Trifle Rushed said...

What a delightful blog, and those puddings look fab!

Jooles said...

Hello :o)
thank you for your sweet comment on my blog x and it has lead me to your lovely blog...what a treat.
I love your granny square blanket, such pretty colours.
And i LOVE LOVE LOVE all those yummy deserts !
j x

famfa said...

Yummy yummy - my son just looked at your pavlova and said "I want to eat all of that,". Umm I do too. Lovely lovely. Who needs to diet. It's rubbish. Still loving the blankies.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Wowzers! Dessert a'plenty. I've had such a sweet tooth of late and these all look delicious! I am dropping by from Lemon Lane Cottage. Love all your WIP's and that giant granny square is gorgeous! I've hadn't figured out all the increasing to do granny squares myself. Although I've been crocheting for years, I am still such a novice when it comes to figuring out patterns or keeping up with what row I am on. :/ Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

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