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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lets see

Will you post, won't you post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Friday, 12 August 2011


I have had to move to a new blog as my site feed is gone, i've tried everything to try fix it but it just is not happening. Its v annoying as i've worked on this blog now since May & i feel like i'm starting all over again, what a massive pain!!!!!!!
Anyway for those who would like to continue to follow my blog & for those friends i've made through this blog i would love if you would find me over here..........KarensKrafts.   Please do as i will be bringing all my fav & links over the next few days.
Have a lovely weekend Karen X

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I Heart Quilts

Well I finally got the finger out & got stuck in to the dutch fabric quilt, here it is on my dining table being pinned & stretched for quilting, my least fav part of making a quilt, although a real necessary job, so you just grin & get on with it. It is worth it though, I guess like blocking crochet pieces the finish is better with patience !!!

On to the awkward quilting, am I moaning too much? Sorry on to the delightful job of quilting three layers on a small machine delightfully placed on my dining table, where by the way i do all my crafting, which has given the table a rather beaten "vintage" look :D. It didn't take too long though because I opted for a simple straight quilt in between the squares look!!!

Edged it in blue gingham and Hey Presto Its finito............................

I just need to embroider the hearts for total completion, I'm thrilled with it as i really do love the fabrics, lovely blues & soft reds, not normally what i go for but hey change is good yeah!!!!

Hearts are one of my fav motifs too, so i'm really singing, not a pretty sound mind you, not a talent i possess! But much to the delight of my children & long suffering man I do insist on trying, i'm convinced i'll have a breakthrough one day, in fact i'm certain of it :D

My friend Evelyn came back from a holiday in France & brought this for me........

Oh but i squealed with delight when i saw it........ its actually a candle holder, I can see it now hanging right in front of my hallway mirror, all lit up as the evenings get shorter again...... blissful!!!
I try to hang hearts in as many places as i can, spread the love & all that...............

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last few posts, its encouraging & i feel like i've made so many new friends, a real blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So Lots of Love  & a heart for all of you
Have a sweet evening Karen X

ps..... is anyone else having this problem...... i published a new post at  17.30 exactly four & on wed 10th & it still hasn't updated to friends blog rolls.I've tried repubishing endlesly hence the different date on top. This has been happening now for a few weeks, i've done lots of different things with site feed etc & then the post updates all of a sudden sometimes after a few hrs then at other times it has taken lots of fiddling round & a few days....really bugging me, any advice????? PLEASE
I think i will have to abandon this blog & maybe try to move to typepad, not sure what to do!!!!!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Lilac and White

This weekend i took on of this unfinished blanket that was originally meant for Lauren, but since she persuaded me to give her the summer throw, i decided to have this one for me......

It never seemed to sit properly with the little squares around the edge, so i took them off & put them aside for later. have maybe sixty squares,  that i will edge the finished blanket in, carefully this time though! Here s how it looks now..............

I've been adding rounds all weekend, tried one round of lilac with white bobbles but that Had to go it just looked real bad :S. So around & around i'll go until i have a blankie big enough for our bed, will go down well in winter, cosy soft & warm :)
This one suits my bedroom sooooo well as i like soft colors while i sleep & snooze. Its mainly done in these colors, here have a peek

Now that dressing table def needs a lick of paint & the wardrobes that i ain't gonna show are grossly orangey wood, will be white very soon. i should do a before & after of them :D. Oh boy the windowsill needs painting too as does the skirting boards, should really get stuck in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little ornaments on the dresser are all from the girls, various mothers day gifts, & oh do i love gifts!

It does suit the bed though, doesn't it!! But i have to say crocheting with only two soft colors can be a wee bit boring......................... so this will most likely be done in between more interesting projects.

Got some lovely shots in my garden this weekend, we had some rain after quite a dry july soooo my flowers & plants just soaked it lovingly up, slurp, slurp  mmmmm...... Aahhhhhh!

Got to pick my first ever cherry tomatoes, which i have to say gave me such a thrill, also have been enjoying fresh peas for a few weeks now :)

This growing your own veggies is not as easy as i thought, but am learning & have a much better idea of what to do next year. I guess it is all about giving it a go & seeing what works & what doesn't :)
I tell you what though cooking with your owwn home grown produce feels sooooooooooo good!
It really is exciting & satisfying !!!!!!!!!!

Well on with the day, weathers pretty nice outside so i'm sure to sit out with a coffee soon as well as one or five choc bikkies :p  heee heee!
Hope you all have a sweet day too, if you drop by do leave a comment, i love reading them & oh i need some advice, i do not know how to reply to comments, any tec advice would be great !!

Slan for now
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxx

Friday, 5 August 2011

Lots o new things :D

Its been a creative few days at the cassidy home, finished not just one but two cushions for Lauren. She's looking forward to having them at home in her apartment. I also gave her the crochet bunting, she tells me that when friends visit they love to see the new stuff i've made her, what can i do but give in when she smiles & says " oh mom thats soooo nice , can i pleeeeeeeeeease have it ". I'm easily manipulated by all four of them!!

I was surprised at how fast the cushions hook up, will def be making lots of them as christmas pressies, i think i'd like one in my own stocking :D

Back of the round cushion, sweet & girley, lots of pink for lols (short for Lauren)

Blocking the square, can't get over the difference blocking makes, especially on smaller items, I think you can get away with not blocking blankies, well i never do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm real happy with how they turned................... do you ever get lil butterfies when something you've made really gets ya!!! A kind of little thrill of excitement....... ok I need to get a life REALLY!

Next up & a real nice part of my week was getting a parcel in the post all the way from Australia, courtesy of Sandi. This was part of the swap at Laa Laa's blog. When i ripped open the package, yeah thats what i did, i was sooooo giddy & silly with anticipation :)
The first thing i saw was the most divine batik fabric in the most beautiful colors, Sandi had wrapped everything in fabric tied with lavender ribbon

Of course just as fast that was opened ( sorry i didn't take pics of the pressies wrapped, but had to wait for the return of my camera, & couldn't wait to see what i got ) When i opened the fabric all these sparkely hearts tumbled out, sweet touch :D
I got more fabric to contrast with the batik & the softest wool i have ever touched in my life...........

in matching colors to the batik, this wool is soooooo soft that i regularly walk around with it held up to my face Mmmmmm. See the lil pins in the wool, thrilled with those, cannot get cute pins where i live.
My goodies also include lovely buttons, lots of trims & ribbons ( i'm an obsessive collector of trims), chocolate, which i simply can not live without & a selection of teas which i will be sampling this weekend.

I,m blessed beyond measure, thank you soooo much Sandi, lots of love being sent your way right now XX

Also this week got my daughter back....... Bethany been away on a youth missions trip for two weeks, & was sorely missed at home. She's the one at home who makes us all laugh at all times :D. Its way too quiet here without her xxxxxxx

That be her on the right, my smiley kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a week, i'm looking forward to a chilled out weekend, with lots of family time, lots of simple to make food, church on sunday, & with some luck a wee bit of sunshine :D
Hope you all have a sweet one
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx